Dr Simon Jackson


Dr Jackson’s is a niche cosmeceutical company created from over two decades of pharmacognosy research, utilising the best from nature.

Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines derived from natural sources and for over two decades, founder Dr Simon Jackson has been doing research in laboratories around the world, carrying out in-vitro and in-vivo testing of indigenous plants and traditional medicines sourced everywhere from Europe and the Amazon to Indonesia to Sub-Saharan Africa, and collaborating with the best formulation scientists to produce his range of skincare.

Learning from traditional healers, Dr Jackson’s uses techniques which mimic the way that the natural ingredients used are extracted at source, and rigorously tests them to ensure purity as well as ascertain they are at a concentration high enough to be effective.

Dr Jackson did his PhD at Kings College, University of London, specialising in African medicinal plants in the treatment of malignant melanoma and solar keratosas, working alongside the melanoma unit at Charing Cross Hospital, London, followed by a post-doctoral research position at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew specialising in skin disorders.

Alongside global research expeditions and academia, Dr Jackson spent many years in East London collaborating with creatives and fashion personalities, and this experience has also come to influence the spirit and aesthetic of the brand.


The aim of the company is to be a profitable business venture that promotes the principles of pharmacognosy in the cosmeceutical industry, and above all to be an ethical business.